Whereas 2021 was a year of overcoming hardship, 2022 was a year of working hard, focusing, and achieving goals.

In addition to all the awesome stuff I did for myself in 2022, I also ran a ton with my partner, Miranda. We developed our relationship on the trails this year and it was amazing. Check out this instagram post celebrating our year together on the trails.


Coming into 2022, my goals were basically to run injury-free consistently, race fewer races but do better at them, and focus on building my relationship with Miranda through running together. Overall, it was a great year, and I achieved all my goals.

  • Goal: 2,000 miles. Achieved 2617 miles.
  • Goal: 400,000 vertical feet. Achieved 540,515 feet of vertical gain.
  • Goal: Stay injury-free. Accomplished!
  • Goal: Race more focused than in 2021. Accomplished by only racing hard on two ultras and two trail marathons in 2022.
  • Goal: Do well on my “A races” (2021 saw failures on both A races). Accomplished with finishes at both Niwot’s Challenge and Teanaway Country 100.
  • Goal: Run Miranda’s first 50 miler together with her the whole way at San Juan Solstice. Accomplished in style!


My year in racing was also excellent. I trained more and raced less and had a great experience.

  • Niwot’s Challenge (Barkley-style 50 miler) - Finished for the 3rd time, becoming the second-most finisher of the race (second to the legendary Brandt Ketterer, 5-time finisher). It was definitely the hardest course yet, as the new changes in the Chief’s loop made the night loop more difficult than ever. Read more in my race report.
  • Dash and Dine 5Ks - Enjoyed a change of pace from the slow hiking of Niwot’s to race some quick 5Ks. I raced 3 of the 4 events and reset my 5K PR to 23:01!
  • Hacienda Hills Trail Marathon - Early in our relationship, coach wanted me to hop onto a trail marathon race to get a sense of my abilities. So I ran this small race in the Bay Area. I didn’t pace the race very well, but I ran hard and won (by default).
  • BOLDERBoulder 10K - Put together my first running BB10K (I walked it with my mom one year). I ran well, enjoyed bacon and the slip’n’slide, and had a great time. Also set a 10K PR (barely) at 49:31.
  • San Juan Solstice (50M) - This was an amazing experience, running the whole way with Miranda, guiding her through this amazing 50 Miler (perhaps the best in Colorado).
  • Teanaway Country 100M - I finished my first 100 Mile race since 2018!! Finally, I put together a full 100M race, keeping my mental and physical control for longer than I had ever before. This high-vert race in Washington is awesome. Read more in my race report.
  • Moab Trail Marathon - This was the race that got me into trail running, all the way back in 2016. It was awesome to experience it again, this time with Miranda. I beat my time from 2016 (not by as much as I’d have liked).
  • Feaster Five (5M) - This turkey trot race rounded out my year on our trip to see family in Boston. I unexpectedly set a 5K estimated PR (22:05) and ran really well.


I reset PRs in 1mi (6:16), 5K (22:05), 10K (49:31) and trail marathon (4:55:00) distances.


In April, I started working with Coach Nick at Lightfoot Coaching. It’s been an awesome experience working with a coach. I’ve run faster, farther, and more structured. I’m so happy I made the choice to get a coach. I don’t think it’ll be a forever thing, but for this year of building fitness and strength, it’s been invaluable.