TLDR: I’m now offering specific DevOps Modernization Services. If you or your company are interested, check out some of the services I offer and contact me.

I’ve been freelancing for about a month now, and initially, I created my freelance resume site to emphasize I am a generalist, and can work on many different things. With that though, comes leads across the spectrum from super junior work to highly experienced work. I try to provide a service on the high end, so I want to do something to focus the leads I’m getting into that category.

A pattern I’ve noticed in talking to people this past month (and before at past employers), is a lot of small firms are looking to take a step forward with their infrastructure. But many of these firms don’t have the money or enough work to hire a full time DevOps engineer. I have the skills to provide these firms what they need and want, so I wanted to focus my freelance offerings toward this market.

Some of the challenges these firms face (that I can help with):

  • Startups use shortcuts to get their products off the ground, but it comes back to bite them as they scale. It can be difficult to move away from a turn-key PaaS or script-heavy deployment system. But few of the available options, when implemented in a custom way provide the same “focus on your app” feeling that PaaS’ give us. Recent OSS Cluster Management systems such as Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and Teraform do provide this.
  • Small firms encourage heads-down development, and people tend to lose track of modern techniques, so many times, engineers and architects don’t even know how new techniques and technologies could help them.
  • Development setups are often overlooked as a first-class citizen in the realm of intrafirm tooling. Improving these can have an order of magnitude improvement on development cycles in the worst case.
  • Many firms don’t fully utilize Continuous Integration systems, installing what they need when they need it. By pushing more work into these systems, they can take manual labor away from the engineers.

If any of these resonate with you, check out my services and chat with me!