In a moment of need, I created revealme, an in-browser presentation experience which can use straight Markdown to produce beautiful presentations. Content files are hosted in github repositories and presentations are rendered using reveal.js.

I had made the content for my presentation on MongoDB Indexes in a markdown gist. I often use gistdeck for ad-hoc presentations, but since this was a bit more involved, I decided to look into something more put together. (I really try to stay away from Microsoft Office) I looked around for markdown -> presentation solutions, and found reveal.js.

However, reveal.js, as currently packaged on github, makes you download the whole repository and edit an HTML file to make a presentation. We live in a better age! I decided to create a simple github-proxy to load html content into reveal.js’ index.html file. You simply use the same path as you would for, and the server will go get that file from github.

Once that was working, I added some more options, like being able to set the page title, theme, or transition of the presentation in comments in the html/markdown; as well as the theme and transition in query parameters.

reveal.js by default doesn’t support straight markdown, just markdown within each slide which means a lot of boilerplate! I decided to do markdown parsing on the server side, and insert the appropriate

tags with level 1 and level 2 headers marking the beginning of slides. Now, we can take any file and make a great persentations.

For example, here’s a couple README’s that are now presentations:

Update: Revealme now supports gist-based files, a horizontal-only option, and github flavored markdown.