So I just received my pebble watch. And of course the first thing I do is create a new watchface for it! I made a binary watchface for the pebble watch. Its a bit esoteric, but it was pretty cool making it. There’s a screenshot at the bottom of this post.

The pebble SDK is in its infancy, but still pretty functional for the basic stuff. Its completely in C (which you’d expect from an ARM micro-device). The documentation is good though, and fully describes everything you’d need. I was a little worried I’d brick the device on a null memory access, but it was pretty resilient to my novice-ness (I haven’t written C since college). The best is the fact that all the current watchfaces, as well as some 10-15 demo apps. One of my trip-ups was the fact that my watch was at an old firmware version, which it didn’t tell me that and my apps were just getting dropped with silent failures. Once I figured out to update, it was smooth sailing to take the basic app and customize it. Overall, it took me about 3-4 hours to get set up and create the app.

I think I’ll see if I can create something with more functionality and usefulness next time, but this was a fun first step. Check it out!