Every Engineer graduating from Georgia Tech takes an ethics course. It counts just as much as fluid mechanics or operations research or low speed aerodynamics. Ethics are important. They regulate how one acts in everyday life. People always say a person is defined by what the do when no one is looking. Personal ethics are the literal representation of that phrase.

I strive to ethically challenge myself to stay the course every day. That is embodied in my Untapped Code of Ethics. I use untapped to represent the unique beers I’ve enjoyed since I’ve started using untappd.

  1. Untappd records only current events. I only check into beers I’m drinking right then. Not soon, not yesterday, not 5 years ago. A rule of thumb is, when you go to sleep, no more check-ins from last night, even if you forgot. This is because Untappd records a time with each check-in, and no back-dating is allowed.
  2. Untappd represents beers enjoyed and drank, not tasted. This may be personal preference for me, but tastings do not count as a beer. A beer is an experience: its a hot summer day; its pre-gaming; its sitting with your friends. Tasting a beer will not achieve the apropriate experience, thus it cannot be checked in to. A rule of thumb is about 6 ounces drank is a beer enjoyed.
  3. Never check-in to light beer. Comprimising your integrity for a check-in is a no-no. Say no to light beer.

You may disagree with my ethics, but that’s OK. Disagreement is what America stands for, just look at Congress.