I like to build bikes. I’ve only built two single-speeds so far, but I have plans for a high-tech road bike, a lightweight cyclocross bike, a super-fast fixie with track wheels.

If you are in the Boulder/Denver area and would like a bike built for you, I’m always looking to improve my craft through practice. (See footer for contact info.)

Many thanks to Sheldon Brown’s amazing website. It’s a huge resource to amateur and professional bike builders everywhere.

Serena’s Singlespeed

I built a cool black and orange singlespeed for my sister-in-law as she goes off to college. The build was pretty inexpensive but feels really nice. Frame is Pure Fix, with upgraded headset to increase stability.

Pictures to come!

Savannah’s Singlespeed

A fashionable singlespeed with a Leader frame. Mint/teal tires from Pure Fix. Drive train and brakes by SRAM. Super-comfy seat by Brooks.

Photo Cred to Savannah.

Savannah's Singlespeed Fancy

Savannah's Singlespeed Top-Down

Savannah's Singlespeed Build

Jon’s Singlespeed / Fixie

This is my first bike build. I bought the old Allez Specialized frame for $50. It’s 20+ years old and is definitely out of warrenty, but still rides nice! SRAM drive train and brakes. Wheels are by State Bicycle Co.

Jon's Singlespeed